Decorating With Wooden Boxes

Wooden boxes and crates.

One of the latest decorating crazes. I LOVE decorating with old wooden boxes; you can use them in any room…….for almost anything!

• Stack a bunch of odd sized boxes together to create a unique bookshelf
• Instead of a table or modern stand for your DVD player, why not rest it on an old milk crate or wooden cheese box to add some character to your room?
• Use them in the bathroom for spare towels
• Re-use an old Kraft cheese box to store some of your frequently used kitchen utensils
• An old pop crate safely stores your favourite bottles of wine

Whatever you have in mind (did I mention PINTEREST?), the Old Strathcona Antique Mall has a large selection of wooden crates & boxes for all of your re-purposing ideas! Check it out!

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