June 11th Parking Lot Sale


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June 11th Parking Lot Sale 

You are booking one spot for our SUNDAY June 11th parking lot sale. One spot is a standard parking lot space (approximately 9 feet wide).  If you want two spaces, you will need to add two consecutive numbers to your cart. *No tables are included.* The spot numbers are listed in numerical order with lettered spots following. If the spot you want is not listed, it has been taken.  Start pricing your items now because this is one well attended sale!

*Spot numbers followed by an H are extra wide spots. Spot numbers followed by a B are on the brick in front of United Cycle’s main doors.

Some of the finer details:

– Sale runs from 9 AM – 4 PM but note that we have many customers who come early, so be prepared to start selling as early as 8 AM.

– Vendors must park BEHIND United Sport & Cycle (to the WEST of the building) or at the NAIT Souch Campus once finished unloading your vehicle.  Tim Horton’s and Save On Foods will be ticketing vehicles.  There is NO SPACE for you to park your vehicle north of United Cycle or to the west of the Antique Mall. We need this space for customers. If you want customers to be able to shop, please park in the designated area.

– All vehicles must be removed from the sales area by 8:30 AM.  After this time it is too dangerous to the public to have vehicles in the sale area.  If you arrive after 8:30 AM, you will have to walk to and from your vehicle; it will not be allowed into the sale area.
 Sale happens RAIN or SHINE.  If it’s pouring or storming, the sale may be cancelled.
– If you are unable to make the sale, it is up to you to find a replacement; there are no refunds.
– Vendors MUST provide their own change.  OSAM does not provide change.  There will be an ATM van located near the Mall for customers.
Food: feel free to bring your own, or purchase from one of the food trucks or from our cafe in the Antique Mall.
Bathrooms: we will have portapotties outside alongside Gateway Blvd. We also have bathrooms inside the Mall, although the line can get extensive.
– At the end of the day, Vendors must remove ALL garbage and take it home!  No cardboard boxes, paper, plastic bags, etc to be left behind.  We have a single small dumpster and it is for store use only.  Those vendors leaving garbage behind for us to clean up will not be invited to participate in another sale.  If you brought it, take it home with you.

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